HOA FEES Not listed in prop detail display list/chart

Hey there- New user- thx in advance for help :slight_smile: Loving stessa so far- wanted to peek at expenses per property - and this list does not show hoe fees? why? what am I missing?
Im referring to the chart that lists monthly expenses such as admin and other , legal and professionl, Insurance, etc-

yes, im am able to choose HOA fees in my transaction ledger- curious why it does not show as monthly expense?

Hi. On my properties that have HOAs, the HOA fees flow into the Admin & Other line in the actuals column automatically. As a result, I use that same line to capture the HOA fee in the pro forma column.

I suspect that your HOA fees are already being reflected in the Admin & Other line too in the actuals column and you should just use the same line under the pro forma column if you want those fees to reflect on the pro forma. Make sense?

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Yes, @brianpalmer123 is correct in that HOA fees/dues are rolled up under β€œAdmin & Other.”