How and where do I add a variable rate Heloc to my account?

My HELOC is through the same bank as my mortgage but it did not auto-import? Should I manually import the HELOC? I saw that a mortgage can be manually imported, but I don’t know what to fill in for the rate as it is a variable rate.

Literally had the exact same question. My HELOC did import but I’m curious if I can link it to a property so the equity is accurate and it updates automatically? I’m using it a bit like a checking account so the accounting gets a bit confusing. I’m essentially spending from one property to pay for another but using the “transfer” category seems to help with not double counting. Since I’m new to real estate I also have a personal checking account that I make “owner contributions” with to pay down the HELOC which leads to a bit more confusion but again, using “transfer” properly seems to work.