How many months of bank statements will import?

First time user, just setting up everything. When my bank transactions loaded, 3 months appear to be all that loaded. Is there a way to make it load transactions from further back in time? Like all of last year’s? :wink: TIA!

once you set up stessa how many months can be dowloaded from your bank

Hello! I’m a first time user as well and have a similar question. I’ve linked by bank account, but only 45 days import. Is there a way to import more data? I’d love to go back years as well!

Thanks! Jon

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@godisgood2gmw @kenstonerealty @jslevine Different banks provide different amounts of historical data by default with the initial sync. This is not something we can control or influence on our end. If you want to bring additional transactions into Stessa from prior time periods, download an OFX or QFX file directly from your bank covering only the missing time period. Then import the data file to Stessa.

You’ll find more detailed instructions in the following help article: Upload Transactions Data (QIF, QFX, OFX, CSV)

I figured it out. Sometimes qfx worked, sometimes ofx, sometimes one of the others…just depends. But it eventually worked! :slight_smile: