Importing missing financial data, how to close historical gaps?

I just realized that Stessa was not importing from my credit cards. I did update the login information but how do I get previous data from my cc company to download into stessa since i missed it?

@abundanthope4u Yes, we definitely recommend logging into Stessa and refreshing your bank connections at least a few times per month to avoid this scenario. Some banks limit the amount of historical data they will send through at any given time, so it’s best to do regular refreshes.

That said, to close a historical gap, you’ll want to get a data file directly from your bank or credit card company for the time period in question. QFX and OFX formats are the most efficient because you can import it as is, without having to manipulate or prep the file before uploading to Stessa.

This article may help: Upload Transactions Data (QIF, QFX, OFX, CSV)