How to update property taxes for the pro forma


I was trying to update the 2020 taxes for the pro forma and it is not updating. I’ve added the new tax amounts and it still shows the 2019 figures. Any idea how to fix this so that the 2020 taxes will show?

Thank you!

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@matthewdandrew Sure. Just locate the “Assessments” card on your Property details page (accessed by clicking on the thumbnail photo on the Properties page). Then click “+ Add Assessment.” You should then be able to fill in a new line at the top of the table for the current year.

This will only be necessary if there’s a delay in importing your actual tax data, which Stessa should do automatically each year once your new assessment is released to public records data.

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Hi, it looks like automatically importing new assessments each year is no longer supported. From customer service today:

Unfortunately, the card will only update during the property setup flow. The data will need to be added manually there after.