Imported mortgage doesn't appear in cash-on-cash or reporting

I have my mortgage account linked to stessa. It automatically imports properly, even splitting the principle and interested into separate items. The transactions show in the “Transactions” tab, are assigned to the mortgage category, are assigned to a property, and that property has a “Placed in service” date. However, when I run a report, the mortgage rows are all 0, and the cash-on-cash graph says “no transactions”. If I go to add a mortgage transaction manually, then I get duplicate entries, which isn’t correct.

This is actually the same for rental collection: there’s a properly categorized and assigned rent collection, but both the cash-on-cash graph and the reports show $0 for rental income.

Is there some button I need to click somewhere?

I should add that capitol expenditures show just fine.

Ok that’s super weird. I’ve been struggling with this for days, and right after I post, I refresh, and everything works. But I can’t figure out what I might have done … /shruggie ?