IRR & DCR metrics

Two very important metrics for all investors. I’m hoping Stessa will roll these out next.


@ellochello Thanks for the suggestions. We’ve considered adding IRR but it’s not very useful until you’ve sold the property and can included the exit in the calculation. We’ll probably do return on equity (ROE) first unless others on the forum weigh in and suggest otherwise.

Re debt-service coverage ratio (DCR), that metric is already included on its own line on the Net Cash Flow report. Look for it there if you haven’t already discovered it. Perhaps you’d also like to see it included on the Dashboards?

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Perhaps show an estimated IRR assuming sale at the current valuation level (with a transaction cost assumption)


Yes you could perhaps set a yearly appreciation estimate and/or a projected sale price after x-years.


ROE and DCR would be great on the dashboard.

Thank you Devin and Stessa team for hearing out all of our ideas. It is awesome that you take the time to read these posts and respond thoughtfully. It goes a long way.



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