MTD Button option for reports

one selection for Month to date reports that automatically sets the date from the 1st of the current month to present date rather than selecting year, month and date for both

Thanks for the suggestion! I’m curious often are would like to run a month-to-date report, and what are you trying to do? Is there a specific category of income or expense you are watching month-to-date? I want to see if we might be able better serve you by adding something to the dashboard or our alerts instead.

Both income and expenses. I run MTD reports to insure that all the rents and expenses have been collected and recorded properly.

Also the site sometime records expenses such as mortgage payments twice ( once from the checking account and the other from the mortgage company), so MTD reports catch those double entries.

Today it we have a YTD, 12 months and custom. I have to run a custom report for this and it would save a lot of steps without having to select the dates for every report and property