Need option to disable "removing duplicate transactions"

I have been using Stessa on and off for several years now, if not more, and for that entire time Stessa has been removing transactions it deems duplicates. They are not duplicates. In this industry we get a lot of very similar transactions, if not exactly the same. I have rent that is EXACTLY the same each month. I haven’t used Stessa reporting for well over a year now and simply use this site to park cash for interest.

I have complained numerous times to customer service, who claim they are aware of the issue, but obviously nothing EVER gets fixed.

STESSA - if you give us an option to disable “removing duplicate transactions” you will fix this issue. It is that simple.

I am concerned that many people who use stessa have no idea they are missing transactions. If you are reading this and are concerned, you can find out very easily. Download a month of transactions from your bank account in csv form (excel), then download that same date range in stessa (its called export csv on the transactions page). Then compare the two files for the same number of transactions. I can guarantee you they will be different.

@nick I strongly recommend to my clients and others to disconnect all financial accounts. It’s not just Stessa. I have problems with QuickBooks, too. The interfaces between banking institutions aren’t perfect and it’s too much potential for error. I am probably not your typical bookkeeper but I want to see statements, invoices, and receipts. Not electronic bank feeds. Besides, we need those documents for potential audits. Might as well give them to me now for safekeeping.


@tlatuga Thank you for the information. I wasn’t very clear in my original post. I don’t link my accounts, that is even worse. Stessa removes what it thinks are duplicates from manually uploaded qif files directly from my bank. I compare what stessa processes to a csv file for the same time period. Stessa is always missing transactions. So, while you definitely are correct, that the bank linking system (plaid in this case) is likely not great, there is no one to blame but stessa for removing transactions from qif uploads.