Preventing Rent Payment During UD

New to the platform and I haven’t decided to sign up with Cash Management, yet. I searched through the articles and forums but don’t see any information regarding the ability to control the receipt of a rental payment during an unlawful detainer. I’m in Los Angeles, and the courts are quick to toss a Landlord’s case based on technicalities.

Does Cash Management have a “block” feature that allows the Landlord to prevent the Tenant from making a payment and creating a waiver during an unlawful detainer?

Thanks, in advance, for your assistance!

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Dang, this is a good question. In some states it’s critical to not collect rent during and eviction (unlawful detainer).

I wasn’t sure so I set up a test unit and sent myself access to test a solution for this.

The answer appears to be yes. For each unit, you’re able to Click “Enable Rent Collection,” which will send your tenants an email and let them pay rent. After turning it on, all you have to do to turn it off is click the same button (now called “Disable Rent Collection”), and they can no longer pay rent through Stessa.

P.S. I’d share screenshots but then the post would go into pending and never get shared.