Pro features that used to be free

The original Stessa claim was to always offer a free version. Restricting the most basic feature of assigning a transaction to a portfolio is counter to this claim.

Especially since this has been part of the basic features from the start… One would expect for a new pro-tier [paid] to have new features added, not restrict original and basic features.


Pretty frustrating. Right at tax prep time too!!

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Yeah, this is the weirdest restriction I have found. I am just working around it by putting in another property with a nickname of “Portfolio Expenses”. It should work okay for reporting, but if the product is saying it supports 1 Portfolio, I don’t get this odd restriction. It should say “partially supports 1 portfolio”.

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I also was looking at Baselane. They have some limitations when compared to Stessa like no document storage and they don’t allow you to upload receipts, but they are the closest thing I could find (so far). They seem to be more actively developing what they have though and I’m definitely keeping an eye on them. They actually have a news page that shows monthly features that are released, so you can see how quickly they are releasing features.

Some aspects of what they have seem to be better than Stessa, but I just feel like they aren’t quite there yet. I am definitely watching them and their support was quick to respond to my questions.

And the bank integration with Stessa has been driving me crazy for a while now. Every time I ask support about it they just point the finger at Yodlee, but I feel like that is just an excuse at this point. No one seems to care at either company, at least from my perspective, or they would have fixed it by now. I feel like they should just switch to Plaid, which seems like a much more solid product for bank integration.

Utter nonsense.

What about those of us with literally 2 properties, where we need the ability to track certain expenses under the general business and not by property? I have no intention of switching to Stessa for Property Management as that is already handled. $50 a year? Sure. $20 a month? Terrible.

Starting to look like its time to trial some different options.


I am brand new to Stessa. I am just now reading all the concerns about having to upgrade to “Pro”. I chose Stessa because of it being free. We have 2 industrial commercial properties with about 12 tenants in each. Just wanted a very straight forward easy way to manage them from an accounting perspective. I am concerned that if I start using Stessa for free then there is a bait and switch of some type down the road to pay for reports or features I have learned to use and rely on. Ugh!
Also not understanding where to find a “check register” to know what my cash position is in each of our property accounts (like in Quickbooks). Does this not exist???

Thinking out loud… there are lots of shortcomings with the software and things that are obviously missing. When I purchase a tool for the business it can’t be categorized correctly. When it was free I could look past obvious mis-steps like this, but if I’m paying for it? Not so much.


Totally agree… it really isn’t even supporting 1 portfolio at this rate. I have all of these expenses at the porfolio level that I can’t even pull a VIEW of now, because seeing it is PRO level… It’s like pushing portfolio down to the property level… makes no sense unless it’s just for $$

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similar boat here… I was like, I “generally” like this app, but not close to $20/mo for my what little I use from the pro list… I was even thinking hey, I don’t care to pay something to help support this, then I saw the price… and I’m thinking this isn’t QBO here… come on people.

This is just crap! I think it’s great they want to add new paid features, but taking away features from user already using them is not just annoying, it’s purely greedy.
All our information is already in, features I use on a regular basis are now locked and being held hostage.
It either should continue free for legacy users or they should backtrack and only charge for new features.
Perhaps a good compromise would be to include once-free-now-pro features if you have a cash management account and if you want the extra/new features to pay for pro.

I’m already looking for alternatives, at this point I’d rather pay someone else than Stessa. This came out of nowhere and blocked my access when I needed it


Add me to the list of frustrated Stessa pro users. While continuing to grow my portfolio through Stessa platform for 4+ yrs. and engaging forums as well as chat space it seems there is a lack of urgency in building the platform to the standards desired by end users.

Simple modifications/changes have been asked for years and am disappointed by Pro version not adding at least a few.
Add/edit categories
Multiple vehicle category edits,
W2 earner categories
TFX files
multiple PM software integrations requested
STRP software integrations
Stessa Cash Management (this is rather new service, new without bill pay & difficult to contact customer service?)

Disappointed pro version user.


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They might have fixed this, it is allowing me to select my portfolio for a property option now, can you confirm you are also able to do this?

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I seem to be able to use some of the portfolio features again. Thank you Stessa for listening.

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well… I have refound a free feature, lol… I can choose the portfolio name again, however, in the properties list under reports, I cannot choose the portfolio name and it’s not in the list, I can only choose individual properties or “all properties”. Also when organizing my properties, I can only include them in the portfolio, I am not able to have properties that are excluded from the portfolio. what about you?

@jason3 @leefest - Yes, we’ve heard the feedback and have now made the necessary adjustments to restore certain portfolio-level features to the free Essentials plan. Note that as your holdings grow over time, a Pro account will be required to add new portfolios.

Thanks for everyone’s patience with the Pro launch as we work to find the right balance and make sure Stessa is on a sustainable path for the future.


Is it possible to have a property in our account without including it in our portfolio? I am not looking for 2 portfolios, just rather exclude some properties from the portfolio… for example, we track some personal property expenses and don’t want it included in our investment portfolio?

Very poor customer service, they seldom fixed all the critical bugs (wrong calculation for Cash on Cash ratios and CapEx).
With this being their level of support, they abruptly remove features without prior notice and bring in a premium tier. They have all the rights to do so but a good customer oriented company would give us a few months notice before they make such drastic changes.

If we are going to pay, will you guarantee that all your features are working without bugs, errors? Please explain and let us know if you have 100% confidence in your reports and calculations.

Without that why would we pay for it?

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Hi Devin,

I sincerely appreciate your response and for you taking in to account our feedback on this, and for reverting that change.

Not to pile on, but I think another item that would really help is some active commitment to resolving some of the items your users have reported in this thread. A HUGE one for me is the broken bank connections. My PNC bank connection has been broken for many months, and I see some users have been dealing with this for over a year. I have reported it to support a few times and they just point the finger at Yodlee, but I get no indication that anyone is working on it or taking it seriously. I wish I didn’t feel that way and had confidence that this was on someone’s list to aggressively work on and get resolved. I understand that it may be low on your list but it is high on ours. I have 3 mortgages with PNC and each month I have to enter all of the information from my payment manually in to a spreadsheet and then import that to Stessa, in order to get the mortgage information loaded. This used to be completely automated.

I really appreciate you hearing me out and for anything you can do to help with issues like this. If there is some other way we can report items like this so that developers will hear about it, I would sincerely appreciate your advice.

I think if we also heard more about your roadmap or other things that are being worked on, that would really help this community have something to look forward to. This forum has been very quiet with not much communication from Stessa employees lately.



What are good alternatives for Stessa since it is now paid?