Program is a nightmare. Improper Billling

This program is a nightmare.
For one tenant, I hadn’t removed all the money in the bank account. I had left a balance of $900. For some reason, Stessa now is only allowing the tenant to deposit $900 in rent. Not the total owed of $2900. And Stessa now proudly says the tenant is up to date when she only paid $900 of the $2900 due. The system won’t allow her to pay the remaining rent.

Come on. That’s nonsense.

For my other tenant, before they moved in they paid the security and the rent in a lump sum days ago. The money has been deposited and cleared into the account. They are fully paid but stessa says they are pending.

Again, nonsense. They are fully paid.

I need this fixed. Immediately.

One easy way to fix these problems would be if Stessa sent the landlord a copy of the rent due notice it was sending the tenant. Then I would know what’s going out, when and how much the system is trying to ask for. Problems could be headed off at the pass.

The current blind system stinks.