Is Stessa still viable?

I have requested updates on many occasions.

I have asked to track down a pending deposit that is very overdue.

Is Stessa still working?

When I started I received quick response, now day, weeks…

I am experiencing the same and strongly considering moving platforms. This is ridiculous. I tested with one property and things were working well. Now I am adding a second and nothing is working - deposited a check a week ago, its still pending, transferred funds on the 1st, its still pending. Tenants paid rent and its still pending. This is turning out not to be a viable solution for our rental operations.

In Stessa’s defense, I didn’t sign the check, so that’s probably my issue with my trans.

The lack of updates is still an issue. I have no issue with not getting an immediate answer, but an answer by EOD, or Next morning would be nice.

Stessa Cash Management did not honor my mortgage payment despite having much more than the payment amount in the account balance. This is very alarming. No way to reach a person at Stessa Cash Management and Blue Ridge Bank (who actually holds the funds) refuses to speak to Stessa customers.

Not a good look at all.