Rent collection- dividing rent among co-tenants

I want to set up rent collection with Stessa Rent Pay, but cannot see an option that allow a monthly rent to be divided among roommates and charged to them individually. Does your system support this? I am trying to set up lease and tenant details but can’t move forward without this information. Thanks

@boyssmithre I do not believe Stessa supports this situation directly. However, I am not 100% sure as myself nor my clients currently do “rent by the room” or shared tenancy. With that said, you could work around this by setting up multiple subunits for each apartment.

Example - John and Dave rent apt 1 and want to split the rent of $1000. You could set up two units - 1a and 1b. Assign John to 1a and Dave to 1b. Then charge them individual rents of $500 to John and Dave.

Hope that helps.