Rent Reminder Feature

I just moved my SF properties to Stessa, and love it. One feature I can’t find or is missing is Rent Due reminders and late notifications. Any chance this is on your road map?


this is exactly I have been struggling with as well. Something simple that pings perhaps on the 10th of the month missing rents.



Auto reminder to tenant that rent is due based on rent date.

Notify me when tenant is past due, auto send.

Have a “click to send delinquency notice” feature. This should not be auto send.

I see this is already part of the new Rent Collection/Cash Management functionality, but I’m happy with my bank and with its integration with Stessa so I’m not interested in opening a new bank account at Stessa’s partner bank just to be able to send rent/balance due reminders. Since this functionality has already been built, can Stessa just enable it for users like me? Stessa would just have to adapt the reminder templates by removing the link to make a payment and letting us write payment instructions (e.g. Zelle, bank name & account number for check/cash deposits, or mailing address for checks). I’m sure that adding this feature would increase rent collections and reduce delinquencies.

I dont see it…am i missing something?

I think it automatically sends an email prior to the rent being due, but I agree it would be nice to be able to trigger different ones.