Tenant shows pass due but is not

We have 3 tenants in a property and they are 100% current on all rent. Every month they are labeled as “past due” in the tenants/lease view but when I click on the pass due icon and go to their page specifically it says “current”. How can I correct this.

I’m also having this issue. Attached screenshot showing transaction log, dates, ect and that it still says Rent is due even though they’re caught up.

In the provided screenshot, your tenant is showing a past due balance of $600, most likely because you have not logged the receipt of the security deposit on your Transactions page. When you set up a new tenant and input a Security Deposit, that generates a charge on the tenant ledger. If you don’t want to record the receipt of the security deposit on your Transactions page, you can simply issue a “credit” for it by clicking “Add a Charge” and changing the entry to a credit. Hope that helps!

@jrtazman17 Are you still having this problem? I just checked your account and it appears the status flags on your Leases & Tenants page now match what’s on your tenant details pages. The one that shows past due is the result of a missing security deposit payment. You’ll need to either log this on your Transactions page or issue a credit directly on the tenant ledger.