Vendor data for 1099s and end of year tax reporting

What do users do to get a vendor report of how much we paid them over the year so we can send tax forms per IRS


@dave Stessa does not currently support reporting by vendor or 1099 outputs. Many passive real estate investors who file Schedule E do not send 1099s, but it’s been something of a gray area for a long time. We recommend checking in with your CPA to figure out what’s required for your specific situation. If you do need to tally expenses by vendor, the General Ledger report is probably the best place to start. Hope that helps!

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Is there a current plan for Stessa to include this feature? An additional drop down when editing a transaction that allows you to enter the vendor would be very helpful. Then the user could filter by vendor. I feel this is something that is often overlooked, but would make things much more streamlined.

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