General Ledger report and Rreport auto-delivery

Does Stessa have a report where you can look at all transactions year to date for a given property in a report form? I’d like to see rent received, expenses (with details on each expense).

Secondly, is there a way to automate reports in Stessa. For example, could I have the above report emailed to me on the 1st business day of each month?

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@maxwellrharris Yes, is the answer to your first question. We launched an updated Reports feature earlier this week. You’ll now see it in the main left navigation column.

Click “Reports” to load the real-time view. You can then toggle between various reports including an Income Statement, Net Cash Flow Report, Balance Sheet, Capital Expenses, Tax Package, and Stress Test. Most reports are available at both the Portfolio and Property level.

While reports cannot be auto-delivered on a recurring basis via email, this is certainly something you’re welcome to request over on the Wishlist.

Hi Devin - i think the updated cash flow report works for me. Not perfect for my purposes but good. I think a general ledger report showing each individual transaction would be a good report to add to your report bundle. For example, I have an investor who owns house X with me. House X has $100 in maintenance/repairs in 2020. A GL report for the year 2020 would give that investor a detailed look at all the repairs I did for House X, instead of just a “maintenance/repair” bucket for $100. Does this make sense?

Like it would be good to have a report (a general ledger report) where my investor could see all transactions for a property in detail and not have the need to ask me, “hey why did we spend $100 in repairs in june”, the report would have that level of detail.

Devin - the new reports feature is awesome. Thank you so much.

@maxwellrharris Quick Update: As requested, a General Ledger report is now available for export via the Reports page. Further, the Income Statement and Net Cash Flow reports are now fully interactive. Just click a number to see the underlying data!