What is the best email for support inquiries?

The time I have spent with Stessa has been frustrating. I was not able to change or update information I put into the property profiles.
The program continues to ask for a mortgage balance on my properties even if there are no mortgages.
I wrote a forum on bigger pockets asking other users about their experiences with Stessa. Most said it was a good program, but there were issues that at times were frustrating. At this time I would not be comfortable connecting any of my accounts to this platform.
I did not like QuickBooks and for the time being I plan to stick with my Excel worksheets.

I tried to return emails sent from 'Devin" but they are all returned stating:

Your message wasn’t delivered to support@e.stessa.com because the domain e.stessa.com couldn’t be found. Check for typos or unnecessary spaces and try again.

Very disappointed, I thought this would be a useful platform.

@guyyoes We’re sorry to hear that you’ve had frustrations with some aspects of the platform. Getting everything set up can be a bit tricky at times, depending on your portfolio. Have you reviewed our many demo videos and help articles?

Property information can be updated directly in line or via the many small “gear” icons in the upper right corner of various data cards. If you’re still having trouble with the “Getting Started” feature, please open a 1:1 support conversation and we’ll investigate your specific situation and get it sorted out for you.

Yes, when you reply to an email from support@e.stessa.com, the return address is automatically switched to support@stessa.com. If you add back the “e” it will not work. Please direct all support emails to support@stessa.com, so our Success team can take a closer look and reply directly.