Why is setting up recurring rent so hard


Started testing the product, looked really promising.
The dashboard is beautiful.


  • You do not support tenantcloud imports.
  • Setting up recurring rent is a nightmare.
  • Cant split a debit in the bank account to multiple properties.

Very very disappointed at this point.

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@zoalord12 Correct, we do not currently offer a TenantCloud integration, but we do support data imports in many different formats, including CSV, OFX, QFX, etc. Here’s more about how it works: Upload Transactions Data (QIF, QFX, OFX, CSV) | Stessa Help Center

Not sure what you mean by “recurring rent” since we all know rent is never guaranteed. Sometimes it arrives on the 1st, sometimes the 5th, and sometimes not at all. For cash-based bookkeeping, income and expenses are tracked on the Transactions page when actually received. Most investors link up a bank account so the data appears automatically.

Splitting transactions is relatively easy. Just use the checkbox in the left column on your Transactions page to select the line item. Then click the “Split”. button at upper right. Here’s how it works: How to Split and Merge Transactions | Stessa Help Center

Hope that helps!

Devin! Not everything goes through a bank account. Aside from rent, what about all the other fixed recurring monthly transactions?? Insurance, property tax, gardener etc… So many people have complained about this not being an option–why not add it??