Condo fee maintenace fee

I there a way to set up the monthly condo fee so I don’t have to enter it every time?

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I haven’t found an option yet… I set a monthly reminder in my calendar

@mscholl if you’re able to pay through the cash management account (debit card, ACH push) it could be recorded for you as a transaction automatically. If the amount is the same every month you could manually record them in advance. Another alternative is setting up a bulk import for the year as a CSV file.


Tom, where do I find the layout of the CSV file? How do I import?

@mscholl start with this help article

Everything needs to be just right so use carefully. I also suggest a “test” upload of a single transaction so you can find it and correct as needed. Personally, I only upload a narrow amount of data at a time so I can monitor it - such as single category type.

The import button is within the transactions tab and just to the left of “add”