Add ability to hide tenants from drop-down

In the Transactions area, when selecting a unit through the drop-down, the list shows both current and older tenants for each unit (see screenshot). The number of unneeded items in the list grows over time unless I delete the older leases from the system, which creates its own problems. A simple checkbox for each lease (in the Leases & Tenants area) to determine whether it shows up in the list would solve this. You can’t do it automatically based on the move-in date, since there are often related expenses after move-out.


I agree. I am still new and don’t have that many tenants yet but can see this starting to be a pain point already. There should be a check box section somewhere to show only tenants with active leases, or show all tenants or show tenants of current and previous lease.

I was thinking the exact same thing. I am new to this business and a few of my properties are already on their second set of tenants and it hasn’t really started to become a problem yet but I already have started thinking about the future so it is nice to see others who would like to have this issue resolved. And it also confirms my hunch that it will get cumbersome in the future. I was trying to imagine if it would automatically fall off after 3 years from the dropdown but doesn’t sound like it.

Agree with this request! Hopefully an easy win and something that can be controlled from (or within) the “Leases & Tenants” page.

I agree with all above. The list seems like it will get real long over time.