Ally Bank stopped syncing

My Ally Bank connection stopped syncing. I clicked on the “Fix It” link, and re-entered my password, and it was accepted, but the website continues to say the last sync was 6 days ago, and no new transactions are coming through. I waited a day, and again it showed the “Fix It” link, and I re-entered my password again, which was accepted. Still no syncing and no new transactions.

@bryanmarty Sorry you’re having trouble with this connection. We’ve checked and there appears to be a site-wide issue with Ally at the moment. Envestnet | Yodlee handles our secure third party banking connections and they are already working on the issue. We’ll reach out directly once resolved.

If you encounter further problems with banking connections in the future, please feel free to open a 1:1 support convo via the blue circle at lower right once you’re logged in. That is the preferred channel for troubleshooting financial connections due to the sensitivity of the data involved.

Any update on this issue? It’s been blocking me for a month. @bryanmarty We’ve received word from Yodlee that the new ETA for resolution on the ongoing issues with Ally Bank is now Feb 28, 2020. Sorry we don’t have better news to report. We’ll post an update here if anything changes.