Ally Bank stopped syncing

My Ally Bank connection stopped syncing. I clicked on the “Fix It” link, and re-entered my password, and it was accepted, but the website continues to say the last sync was 6 days ago, and no new transactions are coming through. I waited a day, and again it showed the “Fix It” link, and I re-entered my password again, which was accepted. Still no syncing and no new transactions.

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@bryanmarty Sorry you’re having trouble with this connection. We’ve checked and there appears to be a site-wide issue with Ally at the moment. Envestnet | Yodlee handles our secure third party banking connections and they are already working on the issue. We’ll reach out directly once resolved.

If you encounter further problems with banking connections in the future, please feel free to open a 1:1 support convo via the blue circle at lower right once you’re logged in. That is the preferred channel for troubleshooting financial connections due to the sensitivity of the data involved.

Any update on this issue? It’s been blocking me for a month. @bryanmarty We’ve received word from Yodlee that the new ETA for resolution on the ongoing issues with Ally Bank is now Feb 28, 2020. Sorry we don’t have better news to report. We’ll post an update here if anything changes.

This was fixed for a while. But now its broken again!

Now when I click “Fix It”, I just get an error message:

We’re sorry, we couldn’t update your account at this time. Please try again later

Experiencing the same regarding Ally. I don’t have any notification that the link is broken, so all appears well, but it hasn’t updated any bank info in the past 12 days. No new transactions are showing in that timeframe.

By way of update re Ally Bank connections, we saw evidence early last week that many of the ongoing issues had been resolved. Most Stessa users were able to reconnect and get fresh data, but it appears there are some lingering challenges for some of you. We’ll keep an eye on this and post an update here when available.

In addition, I also have a Citizens Bank connection. The connection doesn’t show that there are any errors, but it hasn’t imported new transactions for at least 11 days now.

Hi @devin,

Is there any updates on yet on this? My Citizens Bank connection doesn’t show any errors, but it hasn’t imported any new transactions for 21 days. My Ally Bank shows an Error, and hasn’t imported transactions in 21 days as well.

For what is worth folks, same issue with BoA. Worse, after finally offering to reconnect my multiple accounts, Stessa imported hundreds of duplicate transactions. So for the second time in 6 months I spent hours pouring through transaction logs to de-dupe.

May be the last straw for me. If this Stessa can’t get transaction sync working across any number of banks listed here, frankly the entire product becomes a joke, seeing as how accuracy of transactions is fundamental to the rest of the product working as expected. I started using this solution to make life easier, not harder.

@betterapartmentlivin Sorry to hear about the duplicates. This can sometimes happen when an existing data connection is linked a second time. In this scenario, we can nearly always clean things up for you on a 1:1 basis if you open a new support conversation and point us in the right direction.