Bank account linkage broken for weeks

Sturdy Savings Bank account linkage has been broken since the beginning of September with no solution in sight. Please help

I am in the same boat and getting frustrated with the lack of guidance. My account link broke on 8/8 and I have a ton of transactions to import and categorize and the only input I can get back from support is it is being escalated and they can’t give any date as to when I can expect a resolution. I have other accounts that link to my bank with no issue so a solution to this problem certainly exists out there.

Same here. Transactions from account X show up as transactions under account Y. Completely wrong. Also can’t fix the account because account log in page not loading.

Mine hasn’t worked since late August. Just tried again and after entering username/password…nothing…spins for a bit and then say can’t connect. Heartland Bank and Trust Co.

I’m having exactly the same thing. I tried contacting Stessa but I got zero replies. Does anyone have any idea when this will be fixed?

they are not willing to fix this problem it seems we may need to either import the transaction , use their cash management account or look for a new software
what a shame !!
i spent hours and many emails to try to fix no clear guidance or support
completely disappointed

I got the same reply. “Consider opening a checking account.” I guess you get what you pay for. Does anyone have any other suggestions for a good Web or Mac-based software? I only have 2 rental units that I manage myself, so I don’t need anything fancy.