Connect to Fay Servicing LLC?

Is there any way to add connection for Fay Servicing so that all the transactions, escrow payments, disbursements can be easily imported? Fay Servicing is the largest servicer in the US.

My understanding is that Fay is more of a specialty servicer, but either way the answer is yes, direct data connections to Fay are indeed supported on Stessa.

Screen Shot 2022-03-01 at 8.56.57 PM

I had a successful connection to Fay Servicing previously, but starting in December 2021 Fay Servicing changed their login portal and since then I haven’t been able to connect in Stessa. I keep getting an error message saying to try again later, but unfortunately it’s been doing that since December and I can’t seem to get it working.

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Fay Servicing is the only one working fine. I could not connect to (PRMG). The connection to PennyMac does not distinguish the 2 loans I have on there. Both loans appear to have the same outstanding loan amount.

@kevin2 My Fay Servicing connection is working fine, but I just set it up. I have 3 loans, and they all appeared. But you are correct that Fay changed their login portal and information in December. Fay required all customers to completely set up a new account with new login information, as the old ones no longer worked. I’m assuming you did that, but maybe that’s the reason?

@excel-properties @kevin2 Interesting to hear both of your connections to Fay are working fine! I did consider deleting that account and adding it again, but I didn’t want to lose the previously imported history. I may just do it though so it’s resolved going forward. Appreciate the feedback to know it’s not the connection to Fay but something specific with my account.

Hello, can Stessa please resolve all the connections? None of they are connecting…and I am keep on getting errors. 1on1 support does not help as well.

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Still having issues with Fay Servicing. Are other’s issues resolved?

As of 08/03/22 Fay Servicing appears to be fixed, for me at least. Hope it’s fixed for everyone else too.

No nothing works, always error message. Stessa is not doing anything to fix. @devin