Data source not refreshing after successful connection fix

data source says action required and make me re login to my bank account it says it was successfull but still shows the error and isnt pulling my transactions

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@amody1212 This type of error can sometimes persist until the new data is fully refreshed, and that process can take 1-2 hours or longer. If you’re having continuing problems with a specific connection, please open a 1:1 support conversation via the blue circle once you’re logged in to Stessa. That way we can investigate your issue directly.

I’ve tried that but no one answers on the site

@amody1212 It appears you and our support team have been exchanging messages since earlier this month. We’re actively working to get your transaction refresh issues resolved and hope to be back to you shortly with next steps. Thanks for your patience!

I’ve had this same issue for going on 4 months now with no resolution. I only get a message that says we’ll get back to you soon and then I never hear back. Last communication I got was over a month ago.