Capital One connection won't update or refresh

I seem to have to reconnect my Capital One account every time I log in. That I’m used to, but now, even after successfully updating/reconnecting, it’s not pulling the latest transactions. Been trying for 4 days now, tried refreshing the account, can’t seem to get it…


@ryankundrat Yes, Capital One has some strong security measures in place that require all users to refresh credentials prior to each new data pull. Regarding the further trouble you experienced regarding new transactions not immediately showing up in Stessa, it’s best to open a 1:1 support conversation so we can investigate directly. You can do that by clicking on the blue circle at lower right once you’ve logged in to Stessa.

Other finance management tools are able to sync with Capital One without issue, is it just that it’s cost prohibitive to build that into Stessa right now? I hope a fix for this is in the works as it greatly reduces the value of Stessa for those who bank with Capital One.

I’m also facing this issue. Capital One external account says it’s connected but won’t sync. There is a “Fix” option that pops up, that prompts the whole set up again, but doesn’t fix anything.

Any update on this issue?

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Still having the same issue a year later… Capital One has to be reconnected almost everyday…
It’s time to refresh your connection to Capital One:

"Your bank or lender requires you to re-enter your security credentials for this account:

Spark Cash Select"

Same here. Very frustrating and not something l see with other systems

Good news. Capital One is slated to move onto the Open Banking protocol in the coming weeks. This is a more reliable connection that gives you explicit options to include/exclude accounts directly with Capital One. We’ll post more information here (and via email) once we’re ready to help you make the transition on Stessa.