Transactions/Data Sources Not Refreshing

Hello everyone,

I am a bit new to Stessa (4 months or so) and I am having an issue with this month’s transactions. No transactions have loaded since the middle of February and every time I try to update the data sources, I get an error message saying to try again later. I have also looked around to see if I have a card for payment tied to my Stessa account, but have not had any luck.

Any help is much appreciated!

I’m having the same problems as well.

Hey @bryanmarty,

I was able to figure it out before Stessa reached out. After some trial and error, I had to sign back in to whatever financial account I wanted linked, but make sure you do not sign out of/stop importing this account or else it will delete all prior transactions that you might have already itemized.

Sign in to Stessa > Data Sources > + Financial Account > sign in to same account(s) affected

It will take some time to refresh and some transactions that you deleted might populate again, but already itemized transactions will still be correctly labeled.

Hope this helps!

When I try to hit “Edit Account” or “Refresh Account”, on two seperate Bank connections, I get:
Problem Updating Account
We’re sorry, we couldn’t update your account at this time. Please try again later.

I tried re-adding the connection. Once the connection was established, it showed my accounts, but it should them with the wrong amounts! For example, an account with $795 showed as having $79,500.00 !

But once I landed back on the Financial Data Sources page, it showed all the accounts with the correct balances, but now I have 2 connections to the same bank. It looks like it hasn’t backfilled the transactions i missed in the past month. Also, Stessa considers these bank accounts on the new connection separate than the accounts on the old connect, so that’s going to be annoying to reconcile in the future. I have many bank accounts, so having duplicates is not a great solution.

I have yet to see new transactions get imported, so I am not sure my problem is even solved.

Hi @bryanmarty, engineer @ Stessa here.

This is an issue affecting a small subset of our users and our team is very well aware of this. We are currently working on this fix and we expect this fix to be released within next 3 business days at the latest.