Does anyone else have issues with importing bank transactions?

Hi, we’ve been testing out Stessa for most of 2023 as our accounting platform. It seems to work well for the most part. Today I noticed that some recent transactions were missing from one account. It shows on the bank app as posted but not on Stessa. They are from 4 days ago. The account shows that it is connected, we have had past transactions come through so it has worked in the past, and I refreshed the account so that it was updated minutes ago. Any insight would help. I sit down every morning to double check our business transactions since they are fresh in my head. I also have the receipts in hand to match each transaction. It becomes much more difficult trying to remember what we purchased, how to categorize, and which property they belong to when they lag by a week or so. I also would like to add that other accounts seem to post a day or two later without issue. Hopefully there is a quick fix!

I set up an account with the Stessa bank 6 days ago. I also initiated an initial funding transfer from my present bank. The the transfer shows from the source but is not shown in my Stessa account. If all future activity is this slow, I would have reservations to continue with the Stessa bank.

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Yes. Multiple account importing issues. I had to resort to manually importing transactions. One account says it’s all fine but has not imported since September, and I think I manually imported in September, so it’s been more like at least 7-9 months.

Same responses. No changes. One bank is Pnc, i have the other accounts in Pnc connected to my personal finance app, two actually, with no connection issues whatsoever. It’s just here.

I love the concept of stessa but having to manually import transactions in this day and age? im starting to look at alternatives as I’m losing hope.


Without a doubt the biggest issue!

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Having the same problem. Why am I using Stessa to do double the work? This the second year in a row now.


Yes, all of a sudden with the new version one bank is hung up. I’ve been a long time user and fan (and promoter) but I’m thinking of making a change. Hard to compete with free but when it becomes problematic I don’t have faith paying for it will help.

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I pay for it, and it still doesn’t work. :rage:

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I have had issues where some transactions were imported twice and some weren’t imported at all. It is stressful to sort it out.

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I waited a little longer after I made this post and the importing issue seems to have fixed itself (magically). It took a week to import from my bank statement to Stessa, which in my opinion is far too long. It needs to be quicker in order to keep everything documented accurately. Also, I realized they are hiking their prices again. Today I attempted to log in on the desktop webpage and their page was down and I was unable to login. I attempted to speak to a customer service representative and it says they typically reply “within one day”. Stessa currently seems like a mess. I do currently use the free version, but we are deciding whether to switch our lease drafting/signing from Avail to Stessa. We also use and pay for Avail to collect rent checks and screen tenants, which I realize Stessa also does. We are currently trying to find the best platform that meets all of our needs (accounting, tax reports, rent collection, tenant screening, lease drafting/signing, ability to automate some processes, good customer service). Does anyone have any other recommendations? It seems like no site exists that offers all of these