Some transactions missing from linked bank connections


I’ve just started using Stessa and want to use it for tracking my 2020 expenses especially for my tax returns. I attempted to link my credit cards and bank accounts as well as mortgage accounts.

My Chase and BoA accounts were linked successfully and I was able to import transactions but I noticed while doing an audit that several random transactions were missing which I had to manually import. Random rent payments, mortgage payments, credit card fees, etc were simply not imported, but they show up clearly on the credit card and/or bank statements. I had to go and manually review everything to make sure I wasn’t missing anything, is this a known issue and is there a way to fix it? I’d like to make sure all the transactions are imported and I can manually delete the ones that are not relevant.

For the Mortgage company, I have a smaller lender which was available through the portal and it mentioned it was linked but going back I do not see it linked at all?

Any troubleshooting would be appreciated.


I am noticing that a lot of my expenses have not come through. Do you think if I paid for the service it would work. I bet it would

I am also experiencing the same issue. I haven’t had transactions propagate yet this year 2021. I’ve had no success getting customer service either. This program and service have been great up to this point. Has something changed? PLEASE, Stessa, please respond!

I had this problem this year and the last year as well. I have to verify all my transactions and enter the missing once. I just spent my morning entering all missing transactions, and when I was checking again, all the work I have done is gone. I have never had this issue with quicken, I switched to Stessa because it’s very simple and well done app. Unfortunately, it’s way more work.

I’ve had the same issue. I mentioned it to support way back at the beginning of 2020 and they didn’t do a damn thing. Unfortunately, that leaves me only one option, which is to unlink the bank acct and import the transactions by downloading an excel file from my bank. Of course, it’s not even that easy since Stessa requires you to format in their asinine way. It’s tedious. I’d pay for stessa…if it didn’t suck

I was wrong. Even importing a csv file from your bank doesn’t work correctly. I downloaded one from chase with 259 transactions and uploaded it to stessa, which magically only uploaded 244 transactions. Honestly, this should be the priority for the entire stessa team. Who is going to use this for ANYTHING if the numbers are wrong.

Having the same issue with missing transactions. Also found a random duplicate transaction with a different date stamp. Ugghh. Why can’t this just work?

I’m having the same issue and no customer service from Stessa. Has any one had their issued resolved?

I just tried out Stessa & linked my CapitalOne account. All the relevant transactions loaded … except for March. Shows my account IS linked, but won’t pull the latest transactions. I’ve no idea how to fix this. Of course, I can still enter manually. But then why link an account? Thanks all for any guidance you might have.

Hi Stessa - can you comment on why the importing doesn’t work? Seems a lot of people have asked this question without a reply or acknowledgement. Is there a paid option that we are all missing or did we waste a lot of time? This entire site is great, love the metrics and such, but without being able to digest entire data feeds, the rest is useless.