Duplicate and triple bank transactions uploaded

OMG! how do I fix this without spending hours deleting all the dups and triples???


The issue I see is that some bank accounts have sub-accounts. For example, my account has checking, savings, and a second savings for CapEx reserves.

When syncing, Stessa imports transactions in each of the sub accounts as though they occurred in each of the accounts, creating triplicate entries. For example, say I get a distribution of $500 from my PM. Stessa shows:
$500 deposit in Checking (where it occurred)
$500 deposit in Savings1 (where it did not occur, and no the bank does not have that deposit)
$500 deposit in Savings2 where it also did not occur).

All 3 accounts are in the Stessa bank-setup page and importing transactions form all of them as all accounts do get transactions.

I am seeing the same issue. It is pulling duplicate amounts from checking and savings accounts from multiple banks that we have linked.

I have a similar issue where I have a few PNC bank accounts that seem to be pulling in fine, but my PNC credit card started duplicating transactions from around 12/1/22 - 12/18/22 and then seems to stop. If anyone knows of a simple technical solution then it might be worth continuing with Stessa, but this issue basically killed all trust I have in the software. I no longer trust the data being pulled in so I think this is the end of Stessa for me. I also called the Stessa phone number and it goes to a voicemail that says try searching for solutions these forums. That shows a serious lack of technical support which also makes me very nervous about continuing with Stessa.