How do I do a rate increase without changing previous months rent amount?

How do I do a rate increase for a tenant? I tried to change it and then it changes the rate for the whole history of their tenancy.

hello there. disclosure: I am no Stessa expert, as I am also looking for answers to some questions I have, but one way i overcome that is to simply change the lease expiration date by going to the lease and tenant tab and then choosing the tenant I want to change the rent to and then add a renew date as of the date the increase taken effect and in it put the new rent. For instance: the new rent starts on December 1st, I enter the current lease expiration date as 11/30/22, then I click on the renew lease tab, and this will give me a window to fill out info, part of that info is the new rent rate. Voila! I hope this helps!

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