Is there an issue with external accounts?

For two days I am getting no external account updates. It’s strange as I have performed manual refresh and verified credentials on multiple accounts. When I try the refresh button on an individual account it appears dimmed and does nothing. I watched the new video and looking for the little blue button to open a ticket. Did I miss something? Forgot my homework?


The same thing is happening to me. No Account refresh from external sources.


All of my external accounts from various institutions have also stopped refreshing. I think the last data I have is from 4 days ago.


Mine too, can somebody please look into this?
I am using Wells Fargo.
It appears that the account balance is correct, but the individual expenses are NOT being imported.
“We were only able to retrieve partial data for this connection. Please try again. Alert support if the second attempt also fails.”

Can somebody acknowledge that this is being addressed?
Yes, this is a free system, and I completely appreciate that. But even as a free system, I need to know that these things are being addressed, or else I won’t be able to use it.

PS, I love this system so much, i’d be willing to pay some to get support.


Mine as well. I contact the Stessa support team this morning. My guess is it is happening to all their users.

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We are also having the same issues. There has not been updates to our account for several weeks.

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There was a brief issue with some data refreshes late last week. It has now been resolved so please let us know if you are still seeing issues after attempting a manual refresh via your External Accounts page.

Still having the issues

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I’m having the same issue with RBC bank. the message “ Partial Data Error - Only some data has been retrieved. Please use the “Fix It” button to try again”. I tried successfully entering my credentials and still the same thing.

This is the second time since April. Last time I had to export all my transactions, delete the linked bank and tried to re add it. It was successful in adding the bank for about a month and now the same issue.

It’s a pain to delete and add as you have to go through every transaction to see if it’s related to the rental property.

Please help and fix this issue.

I am having the same issues, with both my bank and loan accounts. I review my accounts once a month, so when there is an issue, it delays a process that should only take 30 minutes to an hour.

At one point, I did not want to wait anymore, so I added manual transactions. Finally, weeks later, it appears that connections were fixed; however, I now have duplicate transactions since I manually posted entries. On top of that, my expenses are imported in as income, so I have to manually go back into each transaction and correct the entries. I feel like I need to go back multiple months now to ensure those transactions did not change.

This isn’t the first time that I’ve had issues with external account connections. For the amount of properties I own and manage, the accounting work is taking just as much time as an Excel file. I’d be willing to pay an annual fee if that means that these type of issues would go away.


My external account connection is totally broken. After about 10 attempts this morning I deleted it and tried to set it up again. No luck.

If you’re having trouble with an external data connection, please open a 1:1 support conversation so we can investigate and try to resolve the issue by involving Yodlee, our secure banking data provider. For security and privacy reasons, we do not handle requests for support involving user-specific banking issues in the forums. You can start a private conversation via the blue circle at lower right once you’re logged into Stessa. Or use the “Support and Help” menu option on the mobile apps.

Please also keep in mind that there are tens of thousands of US banks and no single industry-wide data standard. Banks are regularly changing their security protocols and some banks enforce strict credential expiration timelines, which may require you to manually refresh the connection on a regular basis.

Thanks Devin; however, I have been experiencing issues with the same bank accounts since I have started using Stessa. I don’t have time to always initiate a 1:1 conversation with support to fix a problem that can’t be solved long-term. I will be spending my Saturday manually posting transactions to Stessa for activity that has occurred over the last three months. And I need to do a detailed review to ensure there are no duplicate entries, errors, etc. This is turning into more work than in Excel.

I use Mint and Quicken, and have not had any consistent issues with connections with these same bank accounts I have connected to Stessa. While I like Stessa, I am considering dropping it after the end of this year. I understand that it is free; however, when you rely on a tool to work a certain way and it only periodically works that certain way, it is really frustrating. I’m always on pins and needles when I sit down each month to review my financials wondering if my bank connections broke or not during the month.


In the exact same situation. Has been over 7 months that my Bank accounts have remained broken even after repeated conversations with tech support.

Have used Stessa for years now, but now actively looking for another solution. :frowning:

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having the same problem with broken accounts and this error message now too. Stessa is becoming a problem. also my last 1 on 1 suport request went unanswered. REady to shop around for something else it looks like for me, its now end of year so good time for switching.

Mine has been working for a while now. it’s bank dependent I think.

Thanks all who have posted here and yes, connection issues are often bank dependent. The timeline for resolution can often vary greatly from mere hours to days, weeks, and in some cases even months. Some banks are making frequent security updates and other changes to their tech, which then requires Yodlee to make changes on their end. Responses can certainly lag a bit over the holidays so this may be part of what you’ve experienced recently. Either way, we do our best to keep your requests moving with Yodlee and restore real-time access to your banking data.

On a related note, we are soon to release a suite of financial services directly in Stessa, which will give you the option to transition away from these (sometimes) unreliable third-party banking connections. If you’re interested in being among the first Stessa customers to try out our new financial services features, please log into Stessa and start a new support conversation to let us know. We’ll then add you to the list for our upcoming beta launch.

I still have not been helped and its been over a month. I have over 100K in transactions and 3,000 transactions that have not uploaded from several accounts. PLEASE HELP