Lead Based Paint Certification


As states and cities (Philadelphia, PA, New Jersey, Cleveland, OH) are going towards lead based paint certifications, there are certifications that are required periodically. For example, NJ requires lead safe inspections every 2-3 years. If you get a lead free certification, then that is good for life. Is there anyway this can be included as part of the system? While I know that it will be too challenging for Stessa to implement the laws for the individual requirements of each municipality, is there a data field like a drop down that asks if there are applicable lead laws. If the user selects yes, then it can ask if the property is exempt (built after 1978), lead free (life time exemption with certificate upload) or lead safe (requiring periodic testing based on local laws). After that is selected then the user can note the date of the inspection and the date that it would have to be re-inspected, if required. This would allow the system to give alerts months out so the user can keep certifications current and avoid any penalties.