Leases & Tenants: Sort by column headers, expiration, etc

Under the “Leases & Tenants” section, I’d like the ability to sort by category (e.g., sort “Lease Expires” from earliest to latest).


@johnenemeth Interesting idea. You’re right that the Leases & Tenants page is not currently sortable by the various column headers. I agree this would be a “nice to have” feature for power users with many units at a single property.

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I would really like to run the Rent Roll report sorted by expiration date in order to stay on top of expiring leases. This is currently a very manual process in excel given how the cells are formatted.

I have a separate document in excel to keep track of my lease expirations so I can make sure I’m providing notices on time.

This is an important feature for decreasing turnover whether you’re a power user or not, or if you have stand-alone or multi-units.

Additionally, when I enter lease renewals, the Rent Roll is showing the current lease expiration date, rather than the expiration date of the renewal (a year+ from now).