Multiple insurance companies per property entry

I would like to see the ability to add multiple insurance companies per house. In addition to our normal insurance our houses near the coast require Hail and Windstorm coverage which is provided by a different insurer. I would like to add them both separately in order to differentiate the two expenses.


I agree…we need a line for a 2nd insurance company…we also need a box to input mortgage laon number.

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I agree. I have to carry Flood, Wind and Homeowners policies on my properties. It is important to see them laid out separately to see cost increase each year per policy and each policy is sometimes with a different provider. This is an important element to add!

Agreed, I also need to carry flood and it is a completely different policy with all different attributes than the fire policy.

I agree with others that this would be a great addition to functionality in Stessa.

need this! My portfolio is in Houston and we have to cover dwelling, flood, and wind on many homes. Each is a different carrier, each has a different policy start date etc