Prove Available Funds for Cash Purchase

I love the features of the new checking account, but have run into a big issue. When I make offers for cash purchases on new properties, when I have my funds ready to go for those $5 wire transfers in my Stessa Cash Management account, I don’t have an acceptable way to show my cash on hand. There’s not a page that shows the Bank/Institution, the date, and the balance of the account. My offers look like I’m trying to pay with monopoly money.

Can the two red boxes (added into the attached image) of information be added to the home screen of the Cash Management tab?

@chesspropertiesllc I feel you on the monopoly money issue. A screenshot of the dashboard without a bank name or date wouldn’t look legitimate.

Perhaps a bank statement work for proving funds? A PDF of a statement looks much more legitimate.

You can click the hamburger menu (three dots) next to an account and select “View Statements.” Then, select last month, then “Print”.