QFX and OFX Data File Formats Now Supported

As of today, Stessa supports income and expense uploads via two additional financial data file formats: QFX and OFX. If your bank connection is down for maintenance or you have historical gaps in your data, it’s now easier than ever to patch things up. And if you bank with a small local institution that’s not available for automatic linking, chances are you can download your data in at least one of the four supported formats.

With today’s release, Stessa now supports data file uploads in the following formats:

  • QIF
  • QFX
  • OFX
  • CSV

CSV is the least advantageous because: 1) you will first need to prep your file to meet our formatting requirements, and 2) only limited data fields are supported.

The other three formats are generally preferred as you can upload them in their native form without any additional processing. Just download a QIF, QFX, or OFX file from your bank or lender. Then upload it directly into Stessa via the “Import” button on your Transactions page.

For more info, visit the help article: Upload Transactions Data (QIF, QFX, OFX, CSV)

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