Rent collection not processing after banking upgrade

I had a tenant process rent over 5 days ago. I pay for the PRO membership which should provide a 3-day processing time. Anyone else experiencing this? If so, how long did it ultimately take? This wasn’t a problem until I did the banking upgrade.

I’m having the same problem. Is this due to the upgrade.

I am having the same problem today is day 4.

After banking upgrade, rent collection is not working so well. I see Tenants trying to pay, and their transactions are failing. This is Day 5 with a PRO membership. Support has not responded to my open issue. It would be great to get an official response from Support about this.

cc @devin

I got mine after 8 days which is unacceptable. Support team was also unresponsive the whole time. One thing to NOT screw up which they did was rent collection. I closed my accounts and moving elsewhere.

Not an expert here, but my guess is that this is happening because of Thread’s new routing #. Since the upgrade, i have tried to pay multiple vendors via ACH and they have all had difficulty recognizing Thread’s routing number. Some simply reject the transaction outright. I wonder if your tenants’ financial institutions are doing the same.

I just had rent declined and return to one of my tenants. I did upgrade in the time frame they requested.

That is concerning.

We need an official response from Support on this, immediately. @devin

Appreciate all the feedback here and I know that collecting rent on time is a top priority. I moved into a different role at Roofstock last year and no longer moderate this forum.

I do know that the recent banking upgrade was necessary in order to get the proper foundation in place to deliver a better experience over the long run. That said, a few hiccups emerged during the transition and I understand the team is actively addressing these issues now.

Hopefully @victor can provide an update on whether any delays are limited to December rent collection only or are also impacting other ACH activity, along with best practices to speed things up and/or get clarity on transaction status.

I hope this message finds you well. We want to address a recent issue that some of you may have experienced regarding delayed processing times for payments and transfers during our recent banking migration.

We understand that the delay has caused inconvenience for some members of our community, and for that, we sincerely apologize.

If you have any specific concerns or if there are lingering issues related to delayed payments or transfers, please do not hesitate to reach out to our customer support team at We are here to assist you and address any individual cases that may require further attention.

As of today, all my rent collection have failed. I received emails saying failed and one of my tenants reached out and said they cannot send the payment at all. This is a big deal and effects my ability to run my business properly. Can someone please reach out to me. I tried to messaged on the direct messaging, but I am now longer able to make a new message thread and only able to access old message threads. That is something I have already reported to no avail of having it fixed. I am going to have to switch to another platform if these issues are not resolved, along with very slow response times on issues I bring up.

Has this been corrected? I am having the same issue. 6 days and rent is not deposited and still pending. This caused mortgage payment to bounce today. Super frustrating. Anybody move their accounts elsewhere or thinking of moving?