Support - Phone Number

Pretty Frustrated - as a Pro Member, before I move to another platform - Is there a way to get help or understanding from Stessa?

What seems like a pretty easy item - I cant seem to get fixed? I will try several areas to post before I cancel my account

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I am also having a hard time contacting anyone. I am a Pro member as well. In the beginning I could start a new thread with an issue/question and get it replied to in a good time. Now I cannot even start a new message thread. That option is gone. So I messaged on an old/existing thread and am getting no response. My message even shows a status of “Not read”. I don’t know what to do. I now missed critical timelines due to this. How do I reach someone?

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same here - super frustrated as a pro member. got the upgrade to use e-sign and doesn’t even work on first and multiple tries. Can’t find anyone to talk to and the agent who responds keeps telling me the issue is fixed when it’s not.

We went a different direction

which product did. you end up going with?

This is a stessa community board, I would rather offer my opinion off this
meda thx

Stessa should learn who is beating them since their product doesn’t work for its intended purpose. that is if anyone from Stessa is even reading this. :slight_smile:
which I doubt as no one from Stessa has jumped into this conversation since the OP

Stessa support is pretty non-existent, which is unfortunate. It’s probably 2-3 people at the most. You won’t find a phone number nor get anyone on the phone. They are extremely backlogged and responding to “bug reports” over any other submissions. They wrote me back just yesterday on something I apparently submitted in the past. I couldn’t even remember the question and the ticket doesn’t show you a history of your conversation.

The recent updates in December 2023 and January 2024 definitely led to a lot of users experiencing some bugs. The ones I noticed seem to be resolved.

Feel free to post your question/issue here and I’ll help if I can.


If you are a Pro Member, you can now schedule a call with us via the chatbox. :slightly_smiling_face:

What are you using as an alternate to stessa, if you don’t mind sharing?

@courtney.sansone Can you share how to schedule a call through the chatbox? That probably seems like a silly question but I do not see a way.

This is what I see. No ‘new conversation’, no ‘schedule a call with us’ buttons. Yes, I am a Pro subscriber:


BS, i agree. i’m a pro member as well and very disappointed to have to go through BS bot loops and no answers for a week now. I guess this is my last year using it then

I am a Pro member. I scheduled a call. They confirmed the date & time by email. Waited, waited, waited by the phone. They never called. Very frustrating!!!