Tenant reimbursement setup, help needed

I keep entering all the information necessary (lease dates and tenant names) for a tenant but it continues to not update on the tenants and lease page and continues to show vacant . Can someone help?

Also, how do I input a utility bill I paid as a landlord and how do I input the bill to show that the tenant reimbursed me. I keep doing record payment then reimburse but it does not show on the individual units page but only on the transaction page. How can I make it easier and show what I paid and the reimbursement on the units profile page

@barbarasaaunders Have you also added a rent amount and set a “Move-In Date” for your tenant? These are also required fields in order for a unit to show as occupied.

As for utility reimbursements, you’ll want to record the payment from the tenant on your Transactions page as “Income > Tenant Reimbursements” and then assign it to the correct unit/tenancy. On the Leases & Tenants page, you’ll also “Add a Charge” to record the tenant’s obligation to pay. The payment and the charge will then cancel each other out on your tenant ledger.