CMG Mortgage transactions not able to import


Hoping someone from the Stessa team can check into this.

My CMG Mortgage data source currently has the “Fix It” link - last import was 18 days ago. When I click Fix It and enter my credentials, Stessa says that the account has been linked successfully and it will import my transactions. But then when I go back to the Data Sources screen, the “Fix It” link is still there, and no new transactions get imported.

CMG Mortgage just recently updated their website, and it caused users to have to re-register their account (re-set a username and password), so maybe this is why? Was just wondering if it was on the team’s radar to check into.

Thank you,
Robert MacBean

Hi Robert,

I apologize for the technical errors. I just sent you a private message to help resolve this issue.


Hi @victor, thanks for your help - I haven’t seen a private message come in anywhere - can you point me to where I should be looking for it?

Sorry, Robert- The message may have been sent as a chat on the app.

Can you reply with the link you use to access CMG? I want to make sure we are fully connected on the backend.

Sure, the link to log in manually is: