Customer support timeliness

Is there a better or quicker way to get support through a phone service or a live chat? Currently the chat feature doesn’t seem live at all and it takes anywhere from a couple hours to multiplet days to get a response which leads to weeks to get to a full issue resolution

@brammerinvestments We’ve recently staffed up the support team and while we do not offer live chat, we’ve reduced our response times considerably. That said, if you are opening support conversations related to banking connections or other external data/account issues, timelines for resolution vary widely based on how Yodlee (our secure banking data partner) decides to triage support issues.

Opening a conversation via the blue circle at lower right (on the web version of Stessa) or via the Support & Help option (on the mobile apps) remains the best way to get your questions answered, assuming it’s not already addressed in the extensive Stessa Help Center.

Where is this blue circle? I keep seeing it mentioned but have no blue circle on my own stessa site.