Reports Not Updating

Hey Everyone!

I am wondering if anyone else is having issues with the reports not accurately pulling transactions and updating since the transactions page was updated. I run weekly reports to track the cost of all of my projects and I noticed that in a two week period, none of the amounts had changed. Upon investigating one of my properties, the Report’s total for holding costs reflects $24,435.00 but when I filter the transactions, export to excel and do an AutoSum, the number is actually $47,545.24. I am typically a buy and hold real estate investor but with the current market, we have been flipping 2-5 houses a month. Can you imagine the kind of money I could have lost if I relied on the reports for accurate information? (Which I should be able to do).

To top it off, the issue is not being taken seriously or addressed quickly by the customer service team. I had a little more understanding on lingering issues, latency in solutions for these issues and slow customer service when the software was free but STESSA has grown and is now charging fees for Pro services that are falling flat.

STESSA - your customers are loyal and like the idea of your product but the customer service has to improve!

I hope this helps others who may be experiencing the same thing and I hope it catches some attention along with the slew of other posts I have seen talking about the unmet expectations of customer service.