Warning! - Funds not showing for pending transactions

Want to warn everyone that you should double check your transactions page and lease page. I’ve now had this issue for 2 months and Stessa support hasn’t helped resolve it. On the leases & tenants page it shows that I have a rent payment “pending” from a tenant and when I go to the transaction register for the cash management account I don’t see the transaction there. My tenant paid partial rent & late fee on Aug 5th and it still is showing pending, today is Sept 2nd.

Same thing happened in July, where the payment didn’t show up for over a month. I’m not sure if I’m earning interest for that month that the funds are missing or not but it’s very sketchy that payments are sitting in a pending status for longer than what Stessa claims for payment processing. I’m paying for PRO so processing time should be 1-3 days.

Any one else experiencing this issue? This seems like super basic accounting that is failing.

I have a similar issue, where the funds were pending, now show current, but still nothing deposited into my account. Its been 7 days.

Are you able to see pending? I mobile deposited, and no sign it was ever done… when I tried to resend thinking I forgot it was denied, so it’s in the system…

Sorry to hear that. I’d definitely open a ticket with Stessa saying as much. Good to let support know that multiple peoe are dealing with the same issue.

Mine appears to be I added the “For Mobile Deposit at Stessa” but did not sign it…

Must have missed that part.

RE added today, we shall see