Wire Transfer Function broken

Today I attempted a wire to my bank from the Stessa Cash Managment account which has worked in the past. Today after 9 attempts I’ve given up even though the transfer is critical. In the Wire Review, the “State” is not populating so the wire is being rejected. And, yes, I have gone back each time to make sure it’s a problem no matter what address or what state gets entered. Is this a problem with STESSA or is the Bank behind all of this in trouble? Things like wire transfers should never be a problem unless the underlying bank is in financial difficulty…

update. Day 2 and no resolution which means funds are stuck in the Cash Management account and if you need to wire funds it’s not happening. I don’t know if this is a STESSA software issue or a bank failure (the latter would be a catastrophe). In either case, time sensitive bills like mortgages can’t get paid unless or until this gets fixed.

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Hi - This has been resolved. If you ever need support, please submit a Support Ticket and we will be happy to help.
– Andrew at Stessa Support